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Sunday, July 6, 2008

How to draw the shoppers & their ire

Its an old marketing trick for the new economy. In the increasingly competitive retail space, a company in Vashi (Mumbai) tried to draw people to its premises by offering free cash to the visitors. It announced that all the visitors who visit their office between 4pm to 7pm on Saturday will be offered a gift of Rs. 1000/-

And lo behold, the crowd was there in hordes and the company had to call off the free gifts. Much to the chagrin of its neighbors in the premises, the crowd went on ransacking the mall and damaging the vehicles around.


It happens only in India? Na!
It reminds me the tragedy at the opening of new Ikea showrooms in UK and other places. The free vouchers that the furniture retailer announced have drawn huge crowds and thus stampede. When do shoppers & the sellers learn that there is nothing like a free lunch!

Trivia: Seen a cafeteria at a bschool named as – tanstafl - There aint no such ting as free lunch!

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