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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Email Id of Maharashtra CM

The new Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Ashok Chavan is now available to the public through his email id. The new government is encouraging the citizens to bring up all their issues and complaints to the notice of the rulers. The chief minister’s office has assured that the mails will be read and addressed by the chief minister himself.

I guess, this is a great initiative to bring back the confidence of the citizens who have been battered by the recent terror attacks. I sincerely hope that, if not the chief minister Ashok Chavan, there will be at least a human who reads the mails and acts on the issues.

So, folks, here is where you can access your chief minister:


Anonymous said...

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Sir Ganpat Soundale said...

His exellency Hon Ashokraoji Chavan might be the first CM in India to become transpant to the public/common man.More over it is exellent because HE has assurred to refer to each message at least as a Human if not possible as a CM.
Congratulations & Best Wishes for all constructive views,plans and works. Thanx.-G.S.Soundale,a Guidance Master,Journalist & Social Worker.