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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Primetime Discussions on Indian TV

Prime time discussions on news channels have been pathetic these days

Just now I watched this TV9 discussion on Section 498 A of Indian Penal Code. I am appalled by the quality of the discussion and the channel’s attempt to make nuisance into its prime time program

As we know, Section 498A of IPC is the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. Under this law, the accused will be booked under a non bailable warrant. Further, the husband, his sister and his mother can be put behind bars. The passport and other travel documents of the accused will be confiscated.

Off late, there were many allegations of misuse of this law. There were out of court settlements – involving huge sums of money in some cases. Some of those traumatized husbands formed the “Bharya Bhaditula Sangham” & ‘save family harmony’ at Vizag

Under this context, the TV9 discussion started off with the woman’s council representative Sandhya hijacking the topic with motherhood statements. She named the save family harmony members and other harassed people as shameless, as they are not sympathizers of the every day troubles of women in India. She went on to refer to acid attacks and atrocities on woman and references to Gandhi & freedom and what not.

Guess what, after this traumatized discussion, the “Bharya Bhaditula Sangham” representative Mr Sanjay will change the title of his organization to “Sthree Bhaditula Sangham”

On the other day, TV9 telecasted a discussion on using public funds to sponsor the Huz & Jerusalem trips for minorities in Andhra Pradesh. A right wing Hindu supporter was questioning on why the government is not offering similar packages to Hindus. The discussion was pathetically hijacked by the participants & host where the Minority representative claims that “all dalits” are minority and accuses the right wing participant of “anti dalit”.

And the TV9 took no interest in bringing the discussion onto the tracks. Now, I never knew that all the dalits are non Hindus.

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