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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Watch Solar Eclipse Live

India will witness an annular solar eclipse on 15-Jan-2010.

The annularity of the eclipse starts in Africa and travels across the Indian Ocean, Maldieves, and most part of Southern India & Northern Srilanka.

The eclipse is best viewed from Dhanushkodi/Rameswaram in Tamilnadu

Here are links to NASA’s pages on the eclipse:

NASA’s page on 15th Jan 2010 eclipse

Interactive Map on the Eclipse path, with timings


Astro Enthusiasts in India are eagerly waiting for the Total Solar Eclipse that will occur on 22nd July 2009. This solar eclipse will start at 06:23 Hrs in the morning and ends at 07:30 Hrs. The total eclipse will occur at 6:26 and will last for 4 minutes.

Astronomers world over are gearing up to watch this celestial event, the black Sun over China on 22nd July 2009

This will be the last such total solar eclipse for all of us, as the next total solar eclipse will happen in the year 2114. So, all of us, the Amateur Astronomers, are praying for the rain gods to keep the sky clear for this last chance of viewing the Celestial Diamond Ring.

The National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will broadcast from several locations along the path (from Wuhan to Shanghai) of eclipse.
Click here for details:

To watch this solar eclipse online, visit the following pages

Griffith Observatory will run a webcast of the Solar Eclipse. Click here for details:


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