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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Territorial Army

Recently, Malayalam superstar Mohan Lal joined the Indian Territorial Army. With this, he stands along with other celebrities like Nana Patekar and Kapil Dev who joined Indian TA in the recent past

The Territorial Army is a voluntary, part-time citizen’s Army. It is created to supplement and augment the resources of the regular Army during war-time.

Citizens who join the Territorial Army get a short period of rigorous training, which makes them reasonably competent soldiers. Subsequently, they join their units for two months every year for refresher training, to keep in touch with the art of soldiering.

The Indian Territorial Army is not a profession. It is an organization of volunteers, who are gainfully employed or self-employed. However, certain State Governments and Departments give incentives to their employees to encourage them to join the TA

More information on the TA, visit Indian Army's website at:

To join Indian Territorial Army as an Officer, click here:

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