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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kanaka Durga Temple Online at

Vijayawada’s famed Durga Temple goes online with the launch of website. The site provides all the details required for the devotees.

Vijayawada’s Durga temple, also known as Sri Durga MalleswaraSwamy temple, is situated on the top of mountain Indrakeeladri. There are many legends attributed to this place, dating back to the era of Maha Bharat. It is said that, Arjuna prayed for Lord Shiva on this mountain and got the “Pasupata” asthra (The weapon of Pasupati). Vijayawada thus got its name from Arjun (Vijay)

Also, legend has it that the ruler of this place was so great, that the goddess Durga got impressed and showered gold in his kingdom. Thus the goddess is worshiped as Kanaka Durga (Kanaka = Gold).

During Navratri days, the temple will be at its best as special rituals are performed. Sarannavaratri (The Navarathri of Sharad Ritu, also known as Dasara) celebrations are attended by millions of devotees every year. For details on the Dasara events and special rituals, visit the website

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