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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BigTV - Reliance DTH in India - Product Review

I took this Big Tv ( ) connection. Over all it's been a decent experience so far.

Their customer care is prompt in handling the installation process. I was surprised to receive their call within minutes of signing up. Then the installation folks promptly called me and took an appointment of my convenience.

Installation was perfect, as they came with all the necessary kit and did an exceptionally clean job of installing. However, they took almost an hour or so to identify the right direction for the antenna. So, they ended up drilling at three locations on my balcony walls. So, warn them to check the direction/signal, before they drill a hole in your walls.

The cabling was perfect and the folks were friendly enough to leave as much cable as you want, if you have a habit of moving TV around the rooms as I do.

Then, they have a big drilling machine with them to drill through your walls, if you have concealed cabling and have no ventilator from your balcony into your home.

Next, the signal is good enough. I am getting 190+ TV channels and 10+ radio channels. I get all the regional channels that my parents need. The remote is user friendly.

The movies are boring. They have a little collection of movies playing on multiple channels repeatedly. Hope to see some improvement on movie channels, going forward.

On the flip side, the channel browsing is pathetic. It takes a couple of seconds to switch from one channel to the other. Next, with all these rains, we see occasional breakdowns in the streaming.

Overall, the first impression is OK. Lets see how it will be in the coming days.

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