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Friday, August 22, 2008

Phoonk - RGV's new movie - Story Review

I was watching Ram Gopal Varma's interview on some channel yesterday. He was talking about the inspiration for Phoonk story. As I wrote earlier at
RGV was referring to the famous Telugu novel of 1980s, Tulasi Dalam, written by Yandamuri.

Tulasi Dalam created history those days by attracting by far the highest readership for a telugu novel.

The story is about a civil engineer Sridhar who lives with his wife and Kid Tulsi. A back magician invokes evil spirits to attack Tulsi. Sridhar doesnt believe in superstitions and witchcraft and so tries to identify the root cause of Tulsi's illness. The story takes twists and turns, where another angle of a scientist Srinivasa Pillai taking revenge on Sridhar by injecting venom to Tulsi. The writer runs the two streams of rational sceintific angle and irrational witchcraft till the end. Towards the end, Sridhar, along with his friend Abraka Dabra, will solve the problem from both the scientific way and the superstitious way.

The story is a perfect one for RGV like director. Let us see how it will work on the screen.

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