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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rains in Hyderabad & AP

The weekend has been rather damp with heavy downpour over the last two days across all the towns in AP. It indeed was pathetic Friday evening for most of us in Hyderabad, who got struck in long traffic jams all over the city. The rains were so heavy that one third of the annual rains fell in just five hours resulting in water pools of 3-4 feet deep at most of the traffic junctions.

While the authorities are absolutely caught unaware of the flash rains and are inefficient in handling the situation as usual, I was more appalled at the callous nature of the citizens. There were instances of people falling into open manholes at many places in the city. Apparently residents of the localities are removing the covers of manholes so that the rain water flows away & leaves their low lying homes safe from the floods.

Similarly, lack of discipline and patience at traffic junctions has added to the pain of all those who got struck in traffic & rain water on Friday.

Hope good sense prevails and we start seeing our fellow citizens will live & let live others.

As the rains are expected to continue for more days, here are some help line numbers

1. Central control, Hyderabad Collectorate: 23202813, 9440815860.
2. Water Board Control Room: 99480-80129.
3. Health emergency: 040-23221823.
4. GHMC central emergency control: 23394566 / 23314289; South zone: 24525941; East zone: 24045519; West zone: 23010250; North zone: 27803321, 27804022; Central: 99899 30620, 97046 78122.

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