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Monday, September 15, 2008

Delhi Blasts and aftermath

I didn’t feel posting the news on this blog, as the events did unfold on Saturday evening. Along with the nation, I was struck by the grief that’s been haunting the innocent citizens of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and now Delhi.

But, what made me write now is the shame-less media coverage that has been happening since Saturday evening. All these news channels have no regard for life. There were photographers who were capturing the shots of the bleeding citizens at the ground zero. They were clamoring to capture the shots of the dying innocents.

Here are some from the leading daily
Why are these photographers NOT helping those poor souls?

The TV reporters and award winning journalists have scant regard for the security and safety of the people. They don’t have the ethics of not streaming the pictures of the witness, a kid who claimed to have seen the terrorists. All the main news channels beamed the boy’s face and his confession on prime time news. None of them have any regard to the safety of the boy.

While the so called national news channels were busy in capturing the snaps of the amputated bodies, it is the rag pickers and beggars who saved the rest of the crowed in Delhi, by giving leads to un exploded bombs.

Worse than the media’s role, it is the Home Minster Shivraj Patil, of this troubled nation who let us the citizens down today, with his interview on CNN IBN new channel. Mr Patil says that, the home ministry has all the information about the imminent attack. But, they just don’t know “where” in Delhi and “when”. It was shameful of a leader to make such an idiotic statement. What Mr. Patil expects is that the terrorists should disclose “where” and “when” to him, so that he will take his Madam Sonia Gandhi’s advice on what to do “next”.

While I’m not a supporter of either Congress or BJP, I’m particularly appalled by Patil and am greatly impressed with Modi’s elegant reaction to the tragedy. Modi simply acknowledged the fact that the Delhi blasts information was available from Ahmedabad interrogations and the same has been given to UPA government and the National Security Advisor. Modi stopped at that, and refrained from making any political game out of it. Moreover, he chided reporters by saying that in this time of crisis, the ruling party and opposition and all Indians should stand together.

While mourning the tragedy of the Saturday, I suggest all the Media not to make money of the dead and injured. And the spine less home minister who says in the interview that he has “the blessings of madam Sonia, to continue in the home ministry”; should understand that Home Minister is not a minister of “Madam’s Home” to seek her blessings. He better understand that he needs the blessings of citizens to hold his office.

These two interviews of Modi and Patil made me decide. My vote is for Modi as the next Home Minister.

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