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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ganesh Prayer on Ganesh Chaturthi


Suklambara dharam Vishnum
Sashi Varnam Chaturbhujam
Prasanna Vadanam dhyayeth
Sarva Vighnopa Shantaye

Agajaanana Padmarkam
Gajanana Maharnisham
Aneka Dan-Tam Bhaktaanaam
Eka Dantam Upaasmahe

This is the prayer that every child learns in his pre school days. For a long time, I used to wonder what the meaning of the poem is. I was particularly puzzled by the salutation “Aneka Dantam” which, I thought, meant “the god with many tusks”.

I recently came to know, the actual salutation is “Aneka-Dan-Tam”, which means the god who grants many wishes. (Aneka = Many, Dan = Wishes, Tam = Thee Grants)

Also, someone asked me the meaning of "Agajaanana Padmarkam". It means, I worship the Ganesha who brings smiles to his mother, Goddess Gauri.

Agajanana = Agaja + Anana = Aga (Mountain) + Ja (Born to) + Anana (Face)
So, Agajanana = To the face of Daughter of Mountain (Girija/Gauri/Parvathi)

Padmarkam = Padma (Lotus) + Arkam (Sun)

When Sun rises, Lotus blossoms (feels happy/joy)!
Similarly, Goddess Gauri's Lotus like face will be happy when she sees Ganesha.

On the occasion of Vinayaka Chaviti, Here is the Complete Translation:
I worship thee, The bright and illuminating God, who is dressed in white robe, who is equivalent to Lord Vishnu, who is always cheerful and the one who removes all my obstacles!

I worship thee, The Son of Parvati, who will remove all the darkness, who grants many wishes of his devotees and the God with a single Tusk!


Rohit said...

Great write-up.. I exactly had the same questions and you have very lucidly explained the meaning.. thanks

Anonymous said...

very apt