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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ganesh Chaturthi – Eka Vimsati Patra Puja

On Vinayaka Chaviti, Hindus worship Lord Ganesh.

Unlike normal puja’s where the worshiping is done by offering flowers, Ganapati pooja is done by offering various leaves and fruits, as the God is made up of Elephant head and the Tusker is fond of various leaves and fruits.

As per tradition, a total of 21 (Eka Vimsati) varieties of plants/leaves (Patra) are used in the puja. The Patri (collection of Patra) is available in the markets on this day

Here is the list of the 21 leaves:

1. Maachi
2. Brihati
3. Bilwa
4. Durvaara Yugma (Grass)
5. Dattoora
6. Badari
7. Apa Marga
8. Tulasi
9. Choota (Mango)
10. Karaveera
11. Vishnu Kranta
12. Daadimi (Pomogranate)
13. Devadaaru
14. Maruvaka
15. Sindhuvaara
16. Jaaji
17. Shami
18. Aswatha
19. Arjuna
20. Arka
21. Nimba (Neem)

Now a days, it’s rare to find all these leaves. Many urban-dwellers don’t even know some of these leaves.

However, Ganesha is most happy with the Durvaara Yugma (Grass). So, one can offer the green grass in lieu of all those other leaves that one cant find!

Happy Vinayaka Chavithi!

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