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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Week That Was

While winding up this week, couple of funny news items come to my mind.

The first one was that the Reliance ADAG group chairman Anil Ambani's witty banter with share holders at the Annual General Meeting. Some RNRL investors asked him on why Anil's elder son Anmol has a bigger share than his younger son Anshul. Anil quipped that "now you know what happens to younger sons in a family" :)

Apparently Anil was referring to his continued fight with elder brother Mukhesh Ambani.

Talking about Anil, I consider him as one of the most charismatic leaders of corporate India. The only blot was his association with Amar Singh & Mulayam of Samajwadi Party. What I wonder is, if at all Ambani has to align with a political outfits, then there are better/bigger/powerful political entities in the country. Amarsingh is the last person that Anil should've gone to. I guess, that was one of the reasons why Mukhesh kept Anil Ambani away.

The other new item was about Home minister Shivraj Patil's reaction to Orissa Floods. Ajit Ninan in a cartoon captured the essence: "The Home minister seems to be confused. He assured flood victims total protection from terrorists" ;)

Ajit Ninan is a great cartoonist who captures the mood. When Communists expelled Somnath Chatterjee, he commented on Prakash Karat, that: “He wanted Bush, MNCs and MMS out; but ended up sacking Somnath Da!”

A reader on Rediff commented that our politicians pee in pants had they been in a terror site when the event happened. I bet, that the politicians pee in pants even to go and visit the place after the incident took place. That is the reason for Home Minister Shivraj Patil changing his dress three times on the evening of Delhi Blasts.

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