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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beat the Bangalore Traffic, Infosys incentive to employees

Last week, the JD (S) party organized a rally in Bangalore. The rally added to the woes of traffic jams of Bangalore. Much to the chagrin of the troubled commuters, the JD (S) chief & former chief minister of Karnataka Kumaraswamy, Gowda came heavily on the urban & IT lifestyles of bangaloreans.

While these mindless politicians add more trouble to the already congested Bangalore roads, some sensible acts seem to be coming from the industry in an attempt to solve the traffic problems.

Infosys Technologies in Bangalore started an incentive to its employees who reach office as early as 8 AM. The initiative is a collaboration of Infosys and Stanford University. Titled as INSTANT, the initiative runs as follows:

* An employee who reaches office by 8AM will get 1.5 points a day
* Those who reach between 8AM & 8:30AM will get 1 point
* Those who earn at least 20 points a month will be eligible for a lucky dip
* In the lucky dip, two random winners are selected and given an award of 12,000 each
* Four other consolation prizes of 6,000 will be awarded through a random pick

This is truly an innovative way of beating the Bangalore traffic. As most of us know that the morning traffic picks up from 8 AM and reaches its peak around 9AM, it is very convenient for the employees and other commuters on road. Above all, the employees can seek a flexible work hours and can plan to reach home early too. Now, that is a double whammy!!

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