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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Did Dhoni offered to quit on selection disagreement

The selection of team for the 4th and 5th ODIs with England, to be played on 23-Nov-2008 and 26-Nov 2008 has caused enough drama.

First, there was a strong disagreement between Captain Dhoni and the National Selectors on the selection of speedster R.P. Singh. Then there was the news that Dhoni offered to quit. It followed with a quick denial from both quarters in the press. And Finally, Dhoni says in the press that “the fact that the closed room discussions are leaked into press is disgusting”.

As usual, BCCI rubbished the news and claims that everything is hunky dory. BCCI's personnel Rajiv Shukla said "The reports are baseless and we cannot comment on such reports. There were no differences between the selectors and Dhoni".

However, insiders say that the rift was so apparent that BCCI President Shashank Manohar was forced to interfere and sort out the issue.

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