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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Infosys Staff on Sabbatical

Last evening, I spoke to a friend at Infosys who discussed his plant to take a leave for an year and do all the pending things that he's been postponing for an year now.

He first wanted to sign up for a music class. He's been banging his head at Purple Haze in Bangalore for all those Metallica's numbers for the past seven years. Finally, he got a chance to realize his dream and is happy to sit for an hour guitar class every day.

Next he wanted to go and teach at the near by school in JP Nagar Bangalore. Though he's not a great orator, he is fond of teaching and helping all those kids who don’t go to corporate schools.

He wanted to spend his evenings in a nursery doing the gardening and nurturing the small plants. He's been proponent of the thought that all his IT fraternity which polluted the garden city should pay for the damages by actively growing trees.

Finally, he wanted to complete his annual new year resolution for the past 15 years. He will sign up for a gym and burn all the fat that he gained over his overseas trips.

phew! all this while receiving half of his annual salary while he is on leave!

I guess, Infosys' gesture of encouraging its employees to take sabbatical and engage in philanthropic activities is the best to happen to Indian IT workers. The code monkeys will get out of their cubicles and get a chance to engage with the real world!

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