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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dumb, Dumber: Patil & Deshmukh

They can’t get any stupid than this.

While the citizens of Mumbai (and the rest of India) are mourning the tragic terrorist attacks, and the whole political class is trying to find scapegoats to fool the people again; these two leaders of Mumbai came out with two dumbest reactions.

Firstly, reacting on the Mumbai Terror attacks, the Deputy Chief Minister and the Home minister (the minister responsible for inland security) made irresponsible and callous remarks at a press conference.

Mr RR Patil said “bade shahron mein aise ek adh hadse hote rahte hain. (Such small incidents happen in big cities). The statement was aired by local and international media, which earned many brickbats for Mr. Patil.

Next, the Chief Minister of Mumbai (Maharashtra) competed with RR Patil to bag the coveted prize for the dumber politician. Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh whose uninspired leadership during the crisis time was culminated with his visit to the terror hit areas today. His entourage lacked any seriousness, as the Vilasrao Deshmukh walked in with film director Ram Gopal Varma. Ramu was known for his movies on terrorism and underworld. It all appeared as if RGV was surveying the terror sites for his next project.

At least Ram Gopal Varma was sensible enough to make an immediate press statement to clarify that his visit has nothing to do with any film making but he indeed visited the sites as a concerned citizen.

And lo behold, Finally, Laloo Prasad Yadav is catching up with the Patil & Deshmukh for the dumbest award. He reportedly made a press statement that the opposition role in the terror attacks should be investigated.

God, save my country!


Moonie said...

I hear even Deshmukh and RR Patil are on their way out! I don't know if after Dumb Dumber; Dumbest will become the CM in Maha but at the least this will serve as a tough warning for him/her to wakefulness and action

Moonie said...

Interestingly; the other side ain't bright either, the PM calls for all party meet to discuss current issue of security but Mr Advani has no time to attend, He is busy campaigning!!!
Wow! Top most agenda is to grab seats! I guess all what matters to politicians is vote!!