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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Download Free Software for Everyday Use

Here is a list of User Friendly Software that is available for Free Download. These may be of very much useful for your day to day work

1. Firezilla

Firezilla, is free ftp transfer utility tool. It is the best in streamlining and automating batch transfers and also very agile and fast.

Download Firezilla From

2. Virtual Box

Virtual Box is a free Virtualization Software, where we can have maximum of 32 virtual computers in our system. It is developed by Sun Microsystems and is extremely feature rich, high performance product

Get VirtualBox From:

3. Open Office

Open Office is just a replication of Microsoft Office 2007/2003. It is free and has many rich features and can be run on any operating system

Get Open Office From Here:

4. FireFox

FireFox is the best internet browser with maximum functionality. It is must for all those net addicts.

Download Firefox From Here

5. is a very useful software for paint and design purpose. It is very agile and user friendly in development. Only pre-requisite is that we need .NET framework installed in our systems. It is available for free download.

Get From Here

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