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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Google Chrome OS

What do the users of a home computer need? A computer that is good enough to serve their browsing purpose! A computer that protects their systems from Adware, Malware, Trojans and viruses! That’s what Google is bringing to us next.

Google is developing a new light computer Operating System titled as “Google Chrome OS”

A light computer operating system serves the basic purposes of home computing usage like web browsing. Google Chrome OS is essentially targeted for NetBooks (low cost laptops) with a primary focus on web surfing.

Google Chrome OS is an open source project and is developed using Linux Kernel and Google Chrome web browser. It uses advanced computing concepts like Cloud Computing along with robust security features.

As the Netizens get curious, Google published a Google Chrome OS FAQ. Here is the link for the same Those who wants to work with Google Chrome OS project, can visit the jobs pages listed on this FAQ page indicate that they are interested in Chrome.

Google Chrome OS is expected to release by end of 2009 and with this Google takes its arch rival Microsoft, head on.

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