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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Theodore boone - John Grisham

John grisham, well known author of law trail novels, comes up with another master piece from the same genre.

the story revolves around a boy named Theodore Boone, who dreams of being a famous trial lawyer capable of handling big cases without losing a case in front of juries.
He also dreams of becoming a great judge noted for his wisdom and fairness. He is always in a confused state to decide which dream he has to run after.

This book is relatively shorter with just around 200 pages and hence a single journey read. hence this is most suggested for travelers.

The web site has done a very good job in promoting this novel. One has to go through this site before reading the novel for the impact it provides to visualize the scenes and various attires.Especially the office and the courtroom images are good and interesting.

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