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Sunday, December 26, 2010

More Free Software Downloads for Everyday Use

Coming to the Entertainment Software & Utility Software side, here is a list of software that we must have on our system.

6. Media Player classic

Media player classic looks very simple and Atomic, but it has lot many features and supports lot of formats. It also helps in creating sub-titles and supports audio adjustments.

Download Media Player Classic From Here

7. True crypt

This is an open source disk encryption software, it creates a virtual disk, partitioning in the disk and it has lot many features. Just download it for free and check it once.

Get True Crypt From

8. PDF Creator

With PDFcreator we can make pdfs on the fly. Lot of security is also available and it includes digital authoring components also

Download PDFCreator From Here

9. 7- zip

In this era of uploading and downloading; data compression is very important. 7 - zip is the best in data compression abilities and its also free

Download 7-zip From Here

10. Clamwin

Now you have got all what you need but last of it all you need an antivirus which protects your system and that is where Clamwin walks in. Its a light weight component and eats small amount of memory; not to forget its free.

Download Clamwin From Here

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